Literary Learnings

I Like to Read

By Ralph Hieb

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to speak a bit about the fact that there are many authors whom people haven’t heard of, and that there are genres that can give enjoyment. All you need to do is go to your local bookstore or library to explore these options.

A favorite of mine is Rick Gualtieri. He writes paranormal and in what some folks say is horror. I mainly like the stories for the infusion of comedy. His creations both talk and act as a normal person would, not like super heroes. 

There is Bill the vampire, the first of Rick’s characters I read about. A reluctant vampire who was lured to his would-be death by the invitation from a good-looking woman (Sally) he met on the subway.  It was Sally’s job to lure mortals in for a party, where they would be turned into vampires, then killed by other vampires. Only Bill didn’t die, and the tome of Bill the Vampire series begins. He goes from one comic adventure to another, as he finds out more and more about the supernatural world and its hold over mortals.

Then Rick has a series called Crypto-Hunters, a trilogy about a government team that works undercover as a reality show. In this way they can chase after Sasquatch, the Jersey Devil, and even Kraken. In The Kraken Hunters, they even encounter an alien craft in the Bermuda Triangle, plus meet themselves in an alternate universe situation.

Also, Rick’s The Hybrid of High Moon series follows the adventure of Tamara Bentley. As you probably guessed, it’s about werewolves.

He has a vast range of characters that flow into numerous types of interests.

Some of the other stories I enjoy feature Robert B. Parker’s Spencer, Sunni Randle, and Jessie Stone stories, novels that have been made into movies. Even though he has passed away, several authors have been able to carry on with exciting stories of his creations.

J.A. Jance has wonderful tales featuring Sherriff Joanna Brady of Bisbee, Arizona. Along with stories in Bisbee, she has tales set in Seattle featuring J.P. Beaumont, and Ali Reynolds solving crimes in Sedona, Arizona.

But these are only a few of the books I like to read.

There are books that will give you a belly load of laughs, leave you crying, or wondering who done it. A diversified selection of genres will only intensify the enjoyment you can receive with books. So don’t just stick one form of literature; expand your literary interests.

Ralph Hieb

Ralph Hieb enjoys reading and writing paranormal fiction. He resides in Bethlehem, PA, with his wife Nancy The couple enjoys travel and makes a point each year to take a trip to someplace they have never seen before. In addition to BWG, Ralph is a member of the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group where he has served as president and a member representative on the board of directors.

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