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A View from the Milky Way

Peggy Heitmann

Underneath a giant Mimosa,
Mama clutched a rag-mop handle

while Scooter, our black cocker,
growled and ground her teeth into

the frayed, gray mop tassels.
Twirling ‘round and ‘round, the dog

soared through the air,
a furry bird with ears fluttering

like wings.

Never losing her grip, Scooter waited
‘til Mama eased her to the ground.

The giant Mimosa shrank as I grew older.
The mop tassels stretched

into broken-yellow highway lines,
and seldom used telephone wires.

Years later, I still envision
Mama’s feet patting the grass

beneath the Mimosa—her arms extending
beyond the mop handle, beyond the tassels.

I held onto Mama like Scooter
held onto the mop. Only, Mama never

eased me to the ground. She allowed
the mop to spin out of orbit

past the trees, the stars, the galaxy.
Like the furry bird Scooter imitated,

I took flight.

Today, the sound of my own wings
flaps in my ears. From the sky,

my mother looks like a speck
in the grass.

Peggy Heitmann currently resides in the Raleigh area of North Carolina with her husband. She considers herself a word artist, a visual artist, and a medium. She has published in Asheville Poetry Review, Pembroke Magazine, The Cape Rock, Bay Leaves, Wild Goose Poetry Review, North Carolina Poetry Society Award Winning Poems, Solo Café 8&9, the sound of poets cooking, Beneath the Rainbow, Main Street Rag, Mount Olive Review, and Pinesong. Her first book of poetry is titled Patchwork, and was published by Mount Olive Press. She has worked for a number of years in the human services field, with mental health clients, homeless men, and adults with autism.

Peggy Heitmann

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