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Happy Spring, Dear Readers,

While perusing Spring garden catalogues searching for just the right perennial for that awkward corner of the yard, darling (not so little—heavens, she’s in 6th grade) Broccoli asked if we had a theme for our garden. Somewhat taken aback, I asked what she meant. Turns out her friends all have garden themes. Aster and Holly have a butterfly garden—all their plants attract butterflies. Clover has an evening or moon garden—her flowers are all white or open at night. Poppy has a burrito garden—with cilantro, black beans, chili peppers, onions, and tomatoes and claims she wants a greenhouse to grow avocados.

Turns out the Wryte-Goode garden theme is “Oh, pretty, I can find a spot for that,” which has led to a rather hodge-podge look, especially in our flower beds. As we put our heads together to plan a more thematic garden, I wondered if my novel, Dreams of an Eggplant, suffered from the same lack of theme.

As I am wont to do, I headed to the internet for more information.

I hope that all this research makes Dreams of an Eggplant a richer and more satisfying story. And by the summer issue of Roundtable, I hope the Wryte-Goode clan has both a butterfly and a moon garden—themes can make stories and gardens better.

Until next time, readers!

Betty Wryte-Goode

Betty Wryte-Goode is a writer and mother who lives in the Lehigh Valley. Her passions include writing, reading, shopping, gardening, and exploring the internet. Betty is always looking for writing tips, so if you have any you would like to share, please send them to her through our Submissions/Contacts page.

Mixed-Up Words of the Month

Calvary vs. Cavalry

Calvary is pronounced kal-vah-ree and is the name of the hill outside of Jerusalem. Jesus was crucified on Calvary. Since it is a proper noun, it should be capitalized unless it is used figuratively—as in an ordeal or trial.

Cavalry is pronounced kav-ehl-ree and comes from the French word cheval for horse. The Cavalry were soldiers who fought on horseback. Now, cavalry refers to a mobile unit of military troops and can include the use of helicopters and armored vehicles.

Putting it all together: The cavalry did not charge up Calvary.

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