Issue 62, Autumn 2020

Editor’s note

This issue’s theme is Migration. For birders in the Northern Hemisphere, that means the annual migration of birds flying south to their wintering grounds. But at the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable this year, it means our migration to a new, improved website.

After nearly ten years on Google Sites, with this issue we move to a WordPress-based platform. It’s a work in progress, so look for more fun and functionality over the next few issues.

Our biggest news this issue is the announcement of our judge for the 2021 Short Story Award: best-selling author Charlaine Harris. The competition opens January 1, 2021, with the theme of An Element of Mystery. Be sure to check out the contest rules at:

This issue includes “Stuff,” our featured story by Joel Fishbane, about a missing creamer with a peculiar shape. Our featured poetry is “A View from the Milky Way,” by Peggy Heitmann.

We have an interview with author Mary Anne Moore, and short stories by Jeffrey Hunt and Ramona Scarborough, whose story “Clover” earned an Honorable Mention for our 2020 Short Story Award. Poems by Sherly Guteri and K.M. Nelson round out our &More section.

This issue’s Literary Learnings takes a look at Assassins by Stephen Sondheim.

Here’s to a safe and healthy autumn!

Featured story

“Stuff” by Joel Fishbane

Why would anyone steal a cow-creamer? This is only one of the many things my parents have reported stolen during their fifteen years running their bed and breakfast at Niagara-on-the Lake. Other things on the list include cutlery, books, board games, a magnetic paper clip dispenser, the remote control for the television, and a model boat.

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Featured poetry

“A View from the Milky Way” by Peggy Heitmann

Underneath a giant mimosa, Mama clutched a
rag-mop handle

while Scooter, our black cocker, growled and
ground her teeth into

the frayed gray mop tassels.

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Also in this issue

Interview with author Mary Anne Moore

Short story by Jeffrey Hunt

Short story by Ramona Scarborough

Poem by Sheryl Guteri

Poem by K.M. Nelson

Literary Learnings by A.E. Decker

Betty’s Tips

2021 Short Story Award

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