Issue 66, Fall 2021

Editor’s note

Dianna Sinovic

For many of us, autumn brings falling leaves, crisp nights (and days), and fewer hours of daylight. But there’s still plenty of time to read!

Welcome to the Fall issue of the Bethlehem Writers Roundtable, with the theme “Falling into place.” News that reflects that theme is the announcement of our 2022 short story contest judge: mystery author Kate Carlisle. We’re excited to have her.

You’ll find plenty to entertain you in this issue. Our featured story, “Fiona Malone’s Fesh,” by Veronica Jorge, is a fish tale of sorts. Our featured poem is “Chanting in the Country” by Marian Rogers, who shares her view of country vs. city.

We also bring you the story “A Bronx Fall,” by Mark Blickley, about a fateful autumn day during baseball season. And there’s “Cicada Shells,” by Yongsoo Park, about playing a violin. “Taco & Hugh” by Marie Anderson offers a tale of next-door neighbors. And rounding up the &More section is the poem “A Charm,” by W.F. Lantry.

This issue’s interview is with author and Bethlehem Writers Group member D.T. Krippene, who’s busy revising the first book of his post-apocalyptic trilogy series. And in Literary Learnings, A.E. Decker discusses Susannah Clarke’s novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell.

Until the next issue, happy reading!

Featured story

“Fiona Malone’s Fesh” by Veronica Jorge

Fiona Malone spit on a corner of her shawl and wiped at the murky mirror. “Well now, truth be told, the Malone fair looks bypassed me.” She picked up a small statue of Saint Anthony. “And you’ll be saying it’s nothing to do with you, I’m sure.” She set the icon back on the dresser… upside down. “You’ll stay that way ‘till you make it your business and throw a wee blessing my way.”

Fiona smoothed the wrinkles in her blouse, but they found their way onto her forehead, already creased with worry, as she fussed over her appearance and mumbled. “Rent past due and me with no money. The owner out of patience and threatening to thrust me out onto the street. And cursed with a name through no fault of me own.”

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Featured poetry

“Chanting in the Country” by Marian Rogers

Once I lived where traffic’s hum
was background music to crows fighting

in my fenced yard over crumbs;
planes roared their ascent, sirens shrieked

calamity, fume-belching buses herded
me to city center where summer sidewalk

bands trumpeted notes so solid you
might reach up, grab one, and tuck it away
against winter.

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Also in this issue

Interview with author D.T. Krippene

Short story by Mark Blickley

Short story by Yongsoo Park

Short story by Marie Anderson

Poem by W.F. Lantry

Literary Learnings by A.E. Decker

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