Letters to a Future Nephew (2042)

By Alexander Zera

I’m so happy for you! And your 
wife too, of course,
on your new flame. Your 
beautiful blue-blanketed beady-
eyed babe with his marbly 
little toes and pink face 
peeking out into the cold. 

He’s so small. When you told me
he was 10 months old I could hardly 
believe it. How sudden. I was 
holding my breath at the 
edge of the chair wondering if 
he’d look like her, you, or me. 
None of the above! He’s a new 

thing entirely. New man, new world,
new generation! Have patience, 
with him. He listens and he feels–
Sons are the undersides of 
rolling wheels;
good sons always overthrow their fathers.
you blink and he’s 

turned up– all grown! Oh, you’ll have to
let me see him; I’ll pick him 
up in his funny 
overalls and rattle him like 
a keychain lightly and tell 
him fairy secrets, elven 

No, little thing, I’ll say. Don’t listen
to fathers. They do no good. Each 
day follow your heart and
your gut– whichever organ reels
and laughs and says 
“if you really 
wanted to live, you could.”

Alexander Zera is a poet and short story writer from northeastern Pennsylvania.

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