A Star Being’s Chronicle

By Caroline Reddy

I thought about this book
I own as I was floating
on the surface of a bubble–
human etiquette for a new world.

By the way, 
there are so many concepts,
besides why a bride 
never gets to relax,
that I don’t understand:
the imbalance of power,
the brutality of war,
the destruction of our planet,
why humans settle 
for a life that isn’t truly theirs.

I decided to write my book to help humanity:
A Star Being’s Chronicle
I hope you get past the importance of hydration
and skip the advice on first dates,
and flip the pages to this section: 
how to measure your mission;
when soul,
the main engine of your domain, 
has crashed.

My own began years ago,
when the doors of a Zendo,
led to a Dojo:                                     
all that bowing, breathing and blocking 
beckoned me to activate my DNA,
and work with the light body healer,
to serenade my cells,
and travel through the dimensions. 
I thought wishing on stars was silliness
but manifestation is not a sham . . .
those ideas sometimes disappear 
into the atmosphere–
but a few are captured by comets
and sent to the meteorologists
and dispatched through bursts of sunbeams 
that pour through our pores.

I also have these enchanted map cards 
that are quite handy 
as I loop back and forth through space and time
and relive harsh moments that get triggered
by the mere scent of laundry detergent.

When your life reboots your plans—
shift out of your comfort zone,
sift through the time-lines of your life,
lift your body to the skylights, 
as you shed lesser forms.

I know that this office-desk-thing
was not your ideal career–
you wanted to swim with dolphins
and decipher their alien language
or become an anthropologist
and travel to New Zealand
to study the Maori culture,
instead, you are feeling confined 
and itchy in your human suit…

You can borrow my steampunk space suit
and see if it fits—
maybe the titanium seeds
can reveal the right chemical reaction
to free your true nature
so you can dance with your photons 
in the Coast of Papua New Guinea 
and smile at the yellow-lipped sea krait.

Caroline Reddy

Caroline Reddy is a versatile writer whose accepted and published works include poems in the online publications of Clinch, Cacti Fur, Star*line, Braided Way, Active Muse and Soul Lit. In the fall of 2021, her poem “A Sacred Dance” was nominated for Best of The Net prize by Active Muse. Caroline has also published a book review for a volume of poetry by award-winning poet Claudine Nash. A native of Shiraz, Iran, she is working on a collection of poems titled Star Being, which chronicles a Starseed’s journey on Earth. 

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